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Dear Parents,

It is with great pleasure that I take this opportunity to welcome you to Maheshwari Public School.
The School offers a carefully planned curriculum matched to the need of your growing child.We are committed to providing the best possible learning environment that is safe, attractive and caring for your child. However, It is to be emphasized that the school can achieve more in partnership with parents, I say this as parents are child's first and enduring teachers. You play a crucial role in providing support to your child. Young people need encouragement to help develop appropriate value, attitudes and opinions and to become aware of their rights and responsbilities. The school cannot work at this alone but in partnership with parents. Therefore, Please encourage your child to observe the school's discipline policy of good behaviour and attend svhool regularly and punchually.

We are conviced that your ward is destined to become a good and upright human. With the outside negative influences of the cable T.V. and internet, it becomes all the more important that as parents you suppport, encourage and monitor the child's activities to develop qualities clustered around the personal, social, moral, national and spiritual values that make a person human and socially effective. The Management, school and parents are partners in the endevor.

The parents must daily look into the child's school diary to ensure that the lessons and assignments are done by their ward. The parents must also take the note of any remarks or suggestions recorded in the diary by the teacher and should tke corrective measures immediately. The parents should also attend the PTM (Parents Teacher Meeting) to personally know not only about the progress of the child but also about any other problem that child might be facing.

Let us all make a collective effort to help the child to accquire knowledge, skills and understanding to face the challanges of contemporary society and learn the art of living a confident and stress free life.

Mr. Yogesh Kumar Kulshreshtha